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Industrial One been in Communications and Information Technology business for over 17 years. We’ve seen the progression of phones and computer systems, tested and used many different devices. It’s very hard to find a quality product today and figuring out which product is good and why, is not an easy task, which is usually very costly and time consuming, but we like that, we like testing new inventions and now we are ready to provide you with what we found the best of the best out there. You have to have the right to choose what suits you best, not what is advertised nicer.

Industrial One is here to help you choose what it right for you, we will never be convincing you to buy something that you don’t need, as then you won’t be satisfied and our goal is to make everyone happy with their decisions.

You deserve the right to choose

As ex-military, our team knows what devices will suite your needs in the best manner. We are consultants and distributors, our mission is to advise and then, when you are ready, to supply you with technology rather than take your money and be done. We know, time is money, every minute your business can’t operate because of defective device, it is losing money, our team works to minimize your businesses down time and get them as close to “0” as possible.

Because we care about your success!

Your best source to industrial / military grade rugged cell phones and tablets in Alberta. We are here to help you make the right decision. don’t hesitate to contact us for any related questions.

Located in Calgary and happy to help

With Industrial One

You’re on top of the world

With Industrial One

You’re on top of your mission


Our main goal and fundamental principle in the work is the satisfaction of customers – both retail buyers and commercial. Maybe we are old school, but we would only sell you the product that we would use ourselves and this is not negotiable.

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