Calgary Auto Sales chose to use Runbo P12 as an on the move scanner.

Calgary Auto Sales chose to use Runbo P12 as an on the move scanner.

Not many dealers are carrying scanners out to the field, simply because they are very expensive. Calgary Auto Sales decided to use Runbo P12, Rugged Android tablet, to scan vehicles when they are on the move.

Runbo P12 is a durable IP67, 7″ (1920X1200) Android tablet with floating case design. Utilizing Quad Core 1.5Ghz processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB Built in storage, 13MP CMOS rear camera, bluetooth 4.0 and OTG option, powered by a built in 8000mAh battery, this tablet will turn any type of field work into pleasure.

Sam at Calgary Auto Sales is scanning a vehicle using Runbo P12

Runbo P12 can easily be paired with any Bluetooth OBD dongle, or a USB dongle using the OTG cable and will successfully work with any Android based scanner application. On top of an Android tablet computer, Runbo P12 can be ordered with built-in Analog/Digital walkie-talkie and also serve as a 2-way radio station, either in UHF, VHF or DMR ranges, plus it natively supports POC (Push to Talk over Cellular). You can easily connect data plan to Runbo P12, by simply inserting a data only SIM card into the back of the tablet. Runbo P12 Aslo equipped with very precise GPS function and can be easily used for navigation. Thanks to special user interface design, icons on the desktop are larger than on regular tablets, for easier operation with gloves.

What about your business ? what tablet, phone or laptop will fit best in your business ?