How to utilize the use of dual sim on your Android smartphone

How to utilize the use of dual sim on your Android smartphone

I first found out this feature using my Xiaomi Mi Mix, I could clone an app to using again but with different settings or under different profile, It was very handy as I’m using two sim cards and need WhatsApp and Viber to be registered with both numbers.

When I moved to my AGM X2, I was looking for an that would do the same function as the Xiaomi’s app but could find anything good, all the apps are heavy and consume lots of resources, also in order to run cloned app, I have to run the main app first, very inconvenient. I tried extracting Xiaomi’s app from their ROM with no luck as their app only run on their own MIUI system.

After many hours and days of googling and researching I found the Island. Island is not yer released, but it’s installable from Google Play Store and does exactly what I needed. App runs perfectly fine on AGM X2 and doesn’t use much resources, if any. Basically, after you install the app and create your island, you can clone any app on your phone, for example. you can even use your Facebook with two different account at the same time or any other app (theoretically).

I hope this post is very helpful for all of you.

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