Industrial One – Durable phones, computers and tablets built to work in the harshest conditions

Industrial One – Durable phones, computers and tablets built to work in the harshest conditions

Stay connected with your crew and family members. The tough phones we offer are good for commercial and for personal use. Discover the most rugged and durable smartphones in the country.

In today’s life phones are more than just a devices to call home, for many of us it replaced personal computers and tablets, although for some of us it’s still too much. Today everything is changing, every company want’s to produce a cheaper product but still make lots of money, the parts and components become cheaper forcing people buying new phones more often. Spare parts and repairs can sometimes be very costly and people often forced to use aftermarket parts to repair their phones and than struggle with the quality of those parts.

Industrial One brings the best rugged smartphones to Canada. Phones that we sell are made built for the harshest conditions, durable like tanks yet elegant, powerful and comfortable.

In order to cut costs and make some devices more affordable we offer them with factory warranty only, otherwise all the devices we sell, are serviced by us in Canada. For large orders we have a device replacement services, which means that we will hold a stock of devices for specific customer and will replace defective device right away, rather than making a customer wait for his phone to be repaired, for more details about this service, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Many companies worldwide successfully using our devices and are very happy with them, doesn’t believe it ? try yourself, order your durable phone now!!!. Our phones are unlocked to work worldwide and are dual SIM capable. We are also proud to introduce phones with built-in ham radio (2-way radio or Walkie talkie), analog (UHF/VHF) or digital (DMR). By default the radios work on civil bands and run at 2Watts, 3.5Watts and 4Watts, so the license is not required to use them. Although for corporations, emergencies, airports, first responders, public safety and governments, the frequencies can be customized.

Many of you probably saw many of these phones selling very cheap online, BUT…… there are couple aspects….

  • We are in cooperation with factories and never purchase the devices from sellers.
  • We are authorized service provider for the companies we work with.
  • Abroad sellers might cheat on you and sell you their old stock of outdated models pretending like those are the new ones.
  • We work hard to test those devices for you and choose the best ones out of them. + there are lots of expenses, taxes and fees to bring a device to Canada.

We appreciate your business and are here to help you make the right choice, because we care about your success!!!