Railway Communications

Railway Communications

The railway communications are very important for the overall operation of the railway. Runbo has been working on the system solutions for the industry since 2015, in order to meet the overall needs of customers. Let’s have a look at the situation of the railway industry.

The private wireless communication network is an indispensable communication tool in all areas of the industry, eg, power supply, passenger and freight transportation, public works, maintenance, security, safety, emergency etc. Smooth and timely wireless communication is an essential guarantee for safe operation of trains and facilities. Runbo and Runbo Canada (Industrial One) understand the difficulties and needs of different departments of the railway industry and tailors the communication solutions for different scenarios in different departments, improves the management efficiency and safety factors of the users (employees) and standardizes staff’s operating requirement.

Railway power management and warning system maintenance

In order to ensure the timely and effective railway freight and passenger transportation, engineering, electrical and maintenance staff must must ensure the normal operation of switches, signals, crossing etc. In a daily maintenance and monitoring routines, you must have a reliable and instant way of wireless communication to guarantee successful and safe operation of all the systems.

The Problem

In order to provide safe, reliable and instant communication between team members across the continent, every team member has to be equipped with 2 to 4 handheld devices to be able to function and communicate safely and efficiently. the devices often are, phone (One or several), 2-way radio, a data entry terminal, tablet, laptop or both, terminal and a laptop. this setup is extremely uncomfortable and inefficient.

The Solution

Runbo K1 – Rugged, 4 inch enterprise grade, dual SIM, Android handheld computer terminal with built-in 4W UHF / VHF / DMR 2-way communication radio and a POC (PTT Over Cellular) – Dual SIM capability can be utilized by employees using Canadian and US SIM cards simultaneously, analog and digital communications are established in areas with no cellular network availability with area coverage of up to 15 kilometers, but when data connection is established, employees can use POC for instant group or private communications with no distance limit. Customizable SOS functions, can be setup to monitor the employees while their duty and notify team members in case of emergency. for example John will get notified if Bill’s device detected that Bill stopped moving for a certain period of time. GPS BEIDU, GLONASS and GALILEO satellite connections will ensure your employee knows their exact location at anytime. With 4700mAh removable battery, the device can easily go though an 8 hour shift, weather won’t be an issue for as well, the device is tested to successfully operate in temperature ranges from -20℃ to +60℃ while also being water and dust proof.

Runbo P12 – All the same possibilities of Runbo K1 excluding SOS functionality in a Rugged 7 inch floating body with 8000mAh battery, that can be mounted in the Train, vehicle, ATV, heavy equipment, helicopter or personally carry the device.

Rextrom PX-501 – Military grade fully rugged 10.1″ Windows modular tablet computer. A super reliable, super responsive rugged tablet, utilizing leading edge technology, any task performed with this device turn the operation into pleasure. 1000 Nits screen brightness, will allow easy operating even under direct sunlight, Latest Intel processor, industrial grade solid state drive and a proprietary data transmission technology will make you surprised of how fast and responsive the device is. with different modules you can setup the device exactly for your job and eliminate having unnecessary functionality.

With the above solutions, the efficiency of the railway will be increased to maximum while downtime and total cost of ownership will be minimized, predicting 30-40% in savings over 5 year period.