Should I buy a phone from Chinese wholesalers or local ?

Should I buy a phone from Chinese wholesalers or local ?

This is not propaganda, this is experience. There are hundreds of great smartphones out there, but there are thousands of scammers out there as well. I won’t tell you stories that I saw on the internet or someone told me, I’ll tell you my own stories, my own experience with Chinese online stores.I’ve been shopping online for many years now. 1st, in most situations it is much cheaper. 2nd. You can often get stuff that isn’t sold in Canada. But there is also a big risk that comes with it. Usually I buy small things online, priced at below 100 dollars, so, in case it’s junk I can just throw it away and forget about it. But last year I was planning to go see my step daughter in Ukraine and I wanted to get her a new phone, so I went online, spent couple of days researching different phones and different sellers. Finally I found what I needed and made an order, this was two and a half month before my flight. The seller assured me that the delivery should take about 30-35 days so I was ok with that. So, 1 week before my flight, nothing, last info on tracking is that the item arrived to Vancouver. I got my refund, but I wasted over 3 month on this and never got the phone so I had to give my step daughter my phone.

Some time after, I saw this cool website “GearBest”. I though, oh, this another junk yard, will never order from there…. But I did, because I gave my phone away and my Nexus 6P died in just over a year. So, again, a week of research, I found a phone that was cheap enough so it won’t heart if it’s garbage and I put and order in with DHL Express 3 business day shipping, the website claimed that the item will be shipped next business day. 3 days later, nothing is shipped, no one contacted me about anything, just dead quiet. I go online to support and ask a question “What is happening ?”. About 24 hours later I get a reply “We are sorry, but the item is not in stock, you have two wait 2-3 weeks until it is back in stock”. I reply to that, they, again, answer in 24 hours. It’s been on and on like that for another week. When I asked to purchase something else and just pay the difference, I’ve been told that they cannot do that, I need to purchase another Item and after request refund for a first one :(. I didn’t want to deal with them anymore but by that time I found another phone on their site that I just wanted so much so I bought it, surprisingly, I received the new phone in about 4-5 Business days, I was impressed and thought that the first time there might of been a mistake or something.

Later I made 3 more orders from that store and every time, after fighting with them for several weeks, I’d cancel the order and get my refund. Once, they had a sale on Xiaomi Mi Band 2 smart band, it was dirt cheap, about 80% off + dirt cheap DHL Express shipping. I made an order, do you think I received it ? NO. they messaged me and told me that they will not ship it because it’s too cheap. So, they basically make the sales to just attract people.

I had several other situations where I was waiting for over two month to receive my stuff.

When I was planning this business, I was researching and testing various phones, speaking to suppliers and manufacturers, getting more and more frustrated every time. Some of them don’t know English, some pretend they don’t know English to scam you. While searching for the phones I’m currently selling, I discovered many suppliers selling the old outdated version of product advertising it as a new version. everything is built on lies.

Warranty. when you ask questions, they start skipping, they just won’t answer the most important one, It took me about 3 hours with one supplier to get the info from them that they sell me a thousand dollar smartphone and won’t even provide warranty for parts.

I had much more situations with online stores.

Let’s say you bought an expensive smartphone from Chinese store and you having problems with it, how long do you think it will take you to fix it and how much is that going to cost you ?

This scenario is in case the seller will even answer your request.

  1. Several weeks of diagnosing your phone over the internet messages, getting replies once a day.
  2. Ship your item to back to China, you have 2 choices here. 1. Cheap but long time (About 1.5mo)  2. Fast and expensive (4-5 business days and $30-$40)
  3. The device will be inspected and if no human damage is found, it will be repaired (about 7-14 business days)
  4. The supplier will ship your phone back, again, you have 2 choices 1. Cheap and time consuming (1-2mo) 2. Fast and expensive (4-5 business days and $30-$40)

Is it really worth it ?

Real price versus fiction and scam

This is an official AGM factory price with warranty in China on Amazon Canada.

Benefits of buying the smartphone from Industrial One.

  1. We are here to answer all your questions.
  2. We are your warranty for the next year + we offer extended warranty, accidental damage insurance and extended battery warranty.
  3. We test and evaluate everything we sell.
  4. We only sell you the stuff we would of used our selves. If I don’t like something in a device, it won’t go onto the shelve.
  5. At this point we have two service locations, In Calgary (Close to the Airport) and In Regina (Close to the Airport)

Any questions, I’ll be happy to answer.