Volvo Truck Manufacturing

Volvo Truck Manufacturing

Volvo Trucks have been around for more than 80 years. Today Volvo is the second largest producer of heavy trucks, creating reliable transport solutions for clients all over the world. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden Volvo Trucks are known for their world class safety and durability. With hundreds of thousands of trucks being manufactured yearly it is essential that effective communication stream in place to stay on top of the workload.

Runbo Communication Devices in cooperation with Swedish truck manufacturer Volvo, have together looked into communication and security solutions that can be used by service personal in the automotive manufacturing industry. Through extensive examination Runbo has been able to decipher where communication can help out in the day to day processes of a truck manufacturing facility. The ability of manufacturing team members to stay in contact 24/7 can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a manufacturing plant by cutting down on logistics with a constant and reliable communication stream.

Devices such as the Runbo M1 can deliver more applications with functions than other smartphones on the market. Also the ultra rugged nature of Runbo smartphones ensures that communication is capable even in the harshest of factory conditions. The better and stronger signal provided by Runbo rugged smartphones far out performs two way radios and walkie talkies, working seamlessly without disturbing other factory equipment.

Main Benefits

  • Constant and reliable communication
  • Ultra-rugged durability
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Enhanced volume and speaker control