Welcome to Industrial One

Welcome to Industrial One

Hello and welcome to our website.

We are now officially a corporation and open for business in Alberta and Saskatchewan (At this point) to bring stability and truly good quality products to our valued customers.

You can call me old-school, but I am who I am. As oppose to most other businesses, we will only sell you the product that we ourselves would use. If product doesn’t interest me or if I won’t like it’s quality, I won’t sell it to, because you will struggle with it and I’ll need to maintain it for it’s warranty period.

As at this point we are to small of a company, we won’t have a retail location, but we could meet with you by appointment and will be glad to answer all your questions.

We welcome businesses to purchase their mobile equipment from us and we also welcome individuals to buy their extra durable military smartphones and accessories.

Please call us at: 403-800-8205 / 819-593-7977 Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm and Saturday 11am – 4pm

Because we care about your success!!!