What apps to use with the HUD display projector ?

What apps to use with the HUD display projector ?

As you saw, we decided to bring the Head-Up Display (HUD) to Canada. we are concerned that when you drive the place of your phone is on your dash and definitely not in your hands, but how to make so that you cannot use your phone while driving ? Let’s make it do something cool while you are driving, let it help you drive.

What is a HUD Display ?

  • head-up display or heads-up display, also known as a HUD, is any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints.

Another question is. Why buy a $1000 untested HUD display and put it aside because it doesn’t work ?

  • You can buy a universal HUD display and use your phone as a projector, also you can choose any preferred app with it.

Unfortunately as of today the best navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze don’t support HUD Display function, I really hope that it will change in near future.

So I tested several dozens of apps for you, so you can use your HUD Display with confidence.

  1. Offline Maps & Navigation (Android) / Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps (Apple)

This is the best app I tested, The navigation is great + It will warn you about traffic, speed cameras, important intersections and railway crossings. Also it detect what lane are you in right now. This app works perfectly fine in both HUD and regular navigation modes.

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This app is cool and the team is working hard to improve the app, but it still struggles with navigation some time. I would use it just for fun when cruising around the city in the evening.



Android | IOS


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