Enabling your workforce to stay in constant contact with each other is one of the most difficult challenges you have to face in the healthcare industry. Successfully remedying the issue may not only improve productivity but also establish security and increase the safety of patients in special situations. For example, in the event that a nurse or doctor finds themselves overwhelmed by a patient or in the unlikely scenario that a patient escapes the healthcare facility without notifying the proper authorities certain safeguards must be in place. We can help!

At Industrial One we strive to offer you with the ideal communications and computing products and solutions for your healthcare facility needs. The following features demonstrate the specific capabilities “Runbo” products possess to provide better communication within the healthcare industry:

1. Durability:

  • Runbo devices can withstand up to a 1,2 meters fall making it durable in accident prone conditions.
  • The casing is water/dust/scratch proof which allows the devices to be used in virtually any healthcare facility conditions.
  • The large keypad can be operated even when wearing medical gloves.
  • Extended battery life gives the devices 16-25 hours of talk time making sure you have power when required.

2. Wireless Communication:

  • All devices are wireless allowing continued oral communication between users.
  • Instant ‘push to talk’ feature ensures quick responses to emergency situations.
  • Instant communication allows supervisors to find specific employees quickly.
  • The powerful telephone receiver with adjustable volume control makes it possible to use the ‘walkie-talkie’ feature even with high levels of background noise.
  • The external loudspeaker has adjustable volume to serve as a conference phone. The volume control can be adjusted so several people can hear the conversation as a group.
  • Automatic answering also makes it possible to answer the device hands free in situations that require staff member’s hands to be in use.

3. Smart Phone’s Mini-Computer Features:

  • The Emergency App can detect emergencies as a result of a fall or lack of motion making it easier to monitor patients.
  • SOS features are available even with an analog signal.
  • Near field communication has the ability to track when doctors and other healthcare professionals visit a patient preventing human error.
  • QR Scanner feature allows information to be exchanged seamlessly between users or visitors

4. Affordability:

  • Industrial One’s devices are priced so every member of your medical staff can be linked for instant and continuous communication.
  • Increased safety through reliable communication streams and emergency functions helps keep workers and patients safe.
  • Efficient communication saves time, money and lives!

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