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Where Rugged devices are used and who uses them ?

No matter what your mobile application, Industrial One can provide you with the rugged mobile smartphones, tablets and computers to get your work done faster, consistent and more efficiency, without worrying about the equipment in the field. Whether you’re moving from pen and paper, upgrading from a consumer-grade, or already on the cutting edge of mobile field technology, Industrial One has the rugged mobile computers to help.


Oil and Gas personnel spends lots of time in remote pipeline locations or oil rigs, environments that aren’t really friendly for technology. Industrial One has line of products, made to be used in hazardous areas and withstand rough environment, yet extremely compact, ergonomic and user-friendly. Industrial One’s products allow you to conveniently capture data, stay connected with team members and keep all your important information secure while you focus on doing your job efficiently and safely.


The military sets the standard for rugged devices of all kinds. Even the standards are used to rate the protection rate of the equipment is a military standard. So, it’s no surprise that rugged mobile devices find their way to the battlefield. Some of our devices are used by Israeli Air Force, as well as other military divisions in remote regions around the globe where ruggedness, dependability and long battery life are vital.


Public safety workers are using they computers out in the field for ages. Vehicle mounted laptops and tablet computer terminals, are an integral part of a police vehicle these days. Thinks of a paramedic tracking patients data and submitting updates right to the hospital on their tablet. Navigating unfamiliar areas using rugged tablets, pre-planning for fire departments, security guard always stay connected with our hybrid smartphones. Whether it’s for Police, EMS, Security or other areas, Industrial One with the right devices for your mission.


Truck drivers use their rugged vehicle mounted tablets or computers to navigate their trucks on the permitted routs, monitor their vehicle, check-ins, schedules and reporting, while the company can remotely monitor their truck by connecting to those computer terminals and retrieving data. These are only a few examples of how rugged mobile computers are making work easier and more productive in the world of Trucking and Fleet Management


Not hard to see why construction workers require rugged equipment. But what exactly can be done with rugged smartphone hybrids and rugged tablets on the construction yard ? Flawless, multi method communications, SOS functionality, blueprints reading, tracking inventory, all this and even more can be done worry free. rugged mobile computers can increase efficiency, decrease costs and help keep jobs on track.


Forestry’s nature is rough, tough and dangerous outdoor environment. we have users like Södra Forestry, that use rugged smartphones for flawless communication between team members and dispatchers, SOS system to track workers in the field, rugged tablets for GPS navigation, wildlife surveying, reporting and other logistics tasks. From wildlife to silviculture management, mapping, reporting and imaging capabilities of today’s rugged handheld devices are the essential of keeping the forests healthy.


Whether its use is mission-critical or just to make your job a little easier, agricultural demand for rugged mobile technology is increasing. Industrial One’s devices keep up with the latest agriculture technology innovations, and our customers are using them to help track livestock with RFID, manage farm inventory, run irrigation control systems and more. We offer affordable rugged options that you can depend on.


Industrial One’s rugged, lightweight smartphone hybrids, tablets and laptop computers are the perfect fit for data collection, inventory management, merchandising and communications in rough industrial environments. In applications from manufacturing to warehousing, our handhelds can send data wirelessly in real-time, create robust reports and sync with the guys in the office, can be integrated with onsite machinery for status tracking and assist customers with a wealth of information right at your fingertips.


With the help of fully rugged hybrid smartphones and tablet computers, scientists, biologists, geologists and many other professionals can benefit from features like water and dust, shock and vibration protections, as well as long battery life, precise GPS function, high quality 2-way radios built-in to our rugged equipment helps communicating with the team even far away from cellular towers. No matter the environment, our devices have you covered.


The mining and drilling industry uses handheld computers for vehicle tracking, timekeeping, maintenance, supplies deliveries and real-time communication team members na the office. The advantages are obvious, data collectors greatly streamline job functions, data errors are reduced and labor costs are minimized.

Mining and drilling naturally takes place in an extremely harsh environment, so the mobile solution have to be tough enough to withstand challenges like vibrations, dust, moisture, temperature and pressure changes.


Logistics is very interesting work environment, it actually can’t function at all without computing power and communications, By using fully rugged hybrid smartphones and tablet computers, warehouse staff, delivery drivers and the rest of the field personnel involved, always connected with each other, reports are being submitted in timely manner, customers are happy and a risk of the personnel damaging their device during work shift is minimized so the work efficiency can be maximized.


The efficiency and effectiveness of field service workers has taken a quantum leap over the past few years with all the advantages of rugged mobile computers. Days of shuffling through piles of work orders, calling office for schedule updates and looking up the paper map for directions are long gone.

Handhelds with integrated barcode scanners, can help ensure that each truck is stocked with all parts that might be required on a call.

Our products are designed for anyone who works in a tough environment. Whether it’s the weather, extreme temperatures or tough work situations, Industrial One’s devices will fit them all. Here are some of the markets where rugged equipment is used, but even if your industry isn’t listed, doesn’t mean you can’t use one, give us a shout. We’d be happy to put together a solution that works for you.

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